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Best Personal Development & Self Improvement Blogs


Whew & Wow! It was an enjoyable task putting together this extensive list of the top personal development & self-improvement blogs. Congratulations go off to the bloggers as your sites are listed here because they are high quality resources providing value to your readers.

 Currently there is over 130 blogs on the list! I didn’t want to only list the top 100 as quite honestly my opinion is likely different than others. I do have a number of favorite blogs however. I also wanted to make sure the blogs are actively posting new articles. If they haven’t posted new stuff in months – they aren’t here. Many are focused on niches as well like leadership, minimalism, motivation or productivity. You also will notice that sites will vary from having blog posts written solely by their founder to having multiple authors providing posts.

 I also want to congratulate those here who are seeking ways to improve your lives. Feed your mind with the words of wisdom from these personal development & self-improvement websites. Add your favorites to your feed reader & subscribe to their newsletters. Use them for curation on your social media accounts.

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Thanks for being here & make sure you always continue to better yourself!


Larry Wentz


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Here’s the list with the most active (*****) personal development / self-improvement blogs listed first


My #1 recommended resource is

***** Medium

My favorite site for writers of personal development & self improvement related posts is Medium. I like them for my other interests as well. When you sign up at Medium, you “Follow your interests” which include tags, publications and people. If you enable it, you can get daily or weekly reader/writer digests emailed to you. It includes new stories written and recommended by people you follow on Medium. This is a great way to find new people to follow as their blog stories are being recommended by people you follow. I truly look forward to getting this email digest every day. Of course when you visit, your front page is personalized for your interests as well.

 Here are recommended tags to follow on Medium (follow your other interests as well) – Achievement, Adversity, Ambition, Attitude, Beyourself, Be Yourself, Career Advice, Career Change, Change, Change Your Life, Clarity, Coaching, Confidence, Courage, Creativity, Determination, Effort, Empowerment, Failure, Fear Of Failure, Focus, Goal Setting, Goals, Gratitude, Growth Mindset, Habit Building, Habits, Happiness, Hustle, Individuality, Inspiration, Inspirational, Joy, Leadership, Leadership Development, Learning, Life, Life Advice, Life Hacking, Life Learning, Life Lessons, Life Path, Life Skills, Life Tips, Lifepurpose, Life Purpose, Management And Leadership, Mastery, Meaning Of Life, Meditation, Memory Improvement, Mentor, Mentoring, Mentorship, Mindfulness, Mindset, Minimalism, Motivation, Motivational, Networking, Neurolinguistics, Neuroscience, Optimism, Overcoming Fear, Overcoming Obstacles, Passion, Perseverance, Persistence, Personal Development, Personal Growth, Personal Transformation, Philosophy, Positive Attitude, Positive Psychology, Positive Thinking, Positivity, Productivity, Psychology, Purpose, Reflection, Reinventingyourself, Reinvention, Resilience, Self Actualization, Self-awareness, Self Care, Self Confidence, Self Development, Self Esteem, Selfhelp, Self Help, SelfImprovement, Self Improvement, Self Knowledge, Self Love, Skills Development, Social Networking, Social Skills, Spiritual Growth, Spirituality, Stress, Stress Management, Success, Successful, Time Management, Vision, Wellbeing, Wellness, Wisdom, Work Life Balance

 For publications to follow, you have the option to receive letters in your inbox when new stories are published. Here are a few recommended publications to follow on Medium to start with – Personal Growth, Art Of Practicality, Be Yourself, On Breaking the Mold, Better Humans, The Leading, Cricket Hill, The Ascent, The Coffeelicious, HeartSupport, ideaology, Thoughts And Ideas, Ambition & Balance, Hopes and Dreams for Our Future, Fit Yourself Club, The Wakeup Call, The Minutes Publication, What it Takes, WORTHY, Live Your Life On Purpose, On the Rise

 Here are a few of my favorite people that I recommend you to follow on Medium to get you off to a good start – Darius Foroux, Thomas Oppong, Benjamin P. Hardy, Elle Kaplan, James Clear, Bianca Bass, James Altucher, James Clear, Zdravko Cvijetic, Benjamin Foley, Jon Westenberg, Charlie Ambler, Christopher Connors. I follow many more & you will too as well once you see material from other writers. Take a peek at my Medium account to see who I currently follow.  (Note – I have deleted my Medium account & created a new one. Why? I connected my Twitter account & was then following thousands of people on Medium which altered my desired content feed. Consider this before connecting to your Twitter/Facebook account. If I were to create content on Medium, I may reconnect my Twitter account… or may not.)


***** Addicted2Success by Joel Brown

***** Change Your Thoughts – Change your life by Steven Aitchison

***** Dumb Little Man by Jay White

***** Early To Rise by Craig Ballantyne

***** Top 50 Page

***** Everyday Power by Jeff Moore

***** Leadership Freak by Dan Rockwell

***** Lifehack by Leon Ho

***** Michael Hyatt

***** Pick The Brain by John Wesley and Erin Falconer

***** Positive Psychology Program by Seph Fontane Pennock & Dr. Hugo Alberts

***** Psychology Today

***** Purpose Fairy by Luminita Saviuc

***** Science of People by Vanessa Van Edwards

***** Success Magazine

***** The Muse by Kathryn Minshew & Alex Cavoulacos

***** Tiny Buddha by Lori Deschene

***** Wealthy Gorilla by Dan Western


A Life of Productivity by Chris Bailey

Advanced Life Skills by Jonathan Wells

Aha!NOW by Harleena Singh

Always Well Within by Sandra Pawula

Ambition Oasis by Cornel Manu

Animity Health and Wellness by Dr. Victor Schueller

Asian Efficiency by Thanh Pham

Barking Up The Wrong Tree by Eric Barker

Be More with Less by Courtney Carver

Becoming Minimalist by Joshua Becker

Bold & Determined by Victor Pride

Brendon Burchard

Brian Tracy

Change Your Energy by Ilchi Lee

Daniel R. Murphy

Danielle LaPorte

Daring to Live Fully by Marelisa Fabrega

Darius Foroux (Medium blogger as well)

Derek Sivers

Develop Good Habits by Steve SJ Scott

Dragos Roua

Facile Things by Francisco Sáez

Fearless Motivation by Nick Macri

Finer Minds by Vishen Lakhiani  

Forward Steps Self Help Blog by Thea Westra

Good Vibe Blog by Jeannette Maw

Goodlife ZEN by Mary Jaksch

I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi

Impossible by Joel Runyon

Isaiah Hankel

Jack Canfield Blog

James Altucher  (Medium blogger as well)

James Clear (Medium blogger as well)

Jocelyn K. Glei

Jonathan Fields

Just Be Real by Theo Ellis by Adam Costa

Later Bloomer by Debra Eve

Leading Edge Advocate by Lea Bullen

Left Brain Buddha (The Modern Mindful Life) by Sarah Rudell Beach

Life Goals Mag by Coley Lane

Life Optimizer by Donald Latumahina

LifeStalker by Hemendra Kumar Saini

Live Bold and Bloom by Barrie Davenport

Live Purposefully Now by Elle Sommer

Live Your Legend by Chelsea Dinsmore (Founder Scott Dinsmore Has Passed Away)

Location Rebel by Sean Ogle

Magnetic Memory Method by Anthony Metivier

Marc and Angel Hack Life by Marc and Angel Chernoff

Marie Forleo

Mark Manson

Melissa Gratias

Michelle McQuaid

Mike St. Pierre

Mind Fuel Daily

Morning Beans Blog by Helene Furst

Motivation To Move by Scott Smith

MotivationGrid by Cris Nikolov

No Sidebar by Brian Gardner

Olive Lantern by Danii Turnbull

One Wise Life by Maria Flynn

Paid To Exist by Jonathan Mead

Personal Excellence by Celestine “Celes” Chua

Pinch Me Living by Bernadette Logue

Planet of Success by Steve Mueller

Positive Provocations by Zeenat Merchant-Syal

Powered by Intuition – by Angela Artemis

Productivity Theory by Kayla Matthews

Productivity501 by Mark Shead

Productivityist by Mike Vardy

Project Life Mastery by Stefan James

Prolific Living by Farnoosh Brock

PsyBlog by Dr. Jeremy Dean

Raptitude by David Cain

Scott Young

Self-Development Blog + Podcast by Dean Bokhari

Simple Mindfulness by Paige Burkes

Skip Prichard

Space2live Blog by Brenda Knowles

Spiritual Awakening Process by Jim Tolles

Spiritual Living For Busy People by Cylon George

Stephen Guise

Steve Pavlina

Stunning Motivation by Shawn Lim

Success Consciousness by Remez Sasson

Tanveer Naseer

That Hummingbird Life by Meg Kissack

The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss

The Art of Manliness

The Art of Non-Conformity by Chris Guillebeau

The Change Blog by Peter Clemens

The Chief Happiness Officer Blog by Alexander Kjerulf

The Daily Mind

The Emotion Machine by Steven Handel

The Positivity Blog by Henrik Edberg

The Urban Monk by Pedram Shojai

Think Simple Now by Tina Su

Time Management Ninja by Craig Jarrow

Time Zillionaire by Matt Sandrini

Vidya Sury

Wake Up Cloud by Henri Junttila

Wishingwell Coaching by Jessica Sweet

You Have a Calling by Joseph Wilner

Your Brain Health by Dr. Sarah McKay

Your Positive Oasis by Damien Thomas


Zen Habits by Leo Babauta

Zero To Skill by Zdravko Cvijetic  (Medium blogger as well)