A funny thing about this “About” page – I had procrastinated putting it up for a long time. In fact, I procrastinated putting up the new version of this site for a long time as well. It’s one of those things many of us are guilty of – procrastination. I’m glad I finally just did it. I find creating the image quotes to actually be fun plus they make me think about ways I can improve aspects of my life. I hope they make you think as well.

Change happens – it happened with this site just like what happens in our lives. Sometimes we are control of these changes – sometimes not. We can however control how we deal with these changes to make the best of situations. Changes & improvements are in the future plans of this site – it’s a work in progress. Just like improving ourselves – we are a work in progress. My goal is to have Motivative.com to be the largest & highest “quality” source of image quotes. I like to have the imagery match the quote & help tell the story rather than just slapping a quote on any image as seen elsewhere.

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Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day… have a great life!!! Always keep bettering yourself.


Larry Wentz (Founder)